Homepage for the
Palm Street Area Residents Association (PSARA)

of Altadena, California, USA



As indicated by the white lines within our green logo, PSARA covers the following geographic area within Census Tract 4602 of Altadena:
Palm Street between
Fair Oaks and Marengo, plus the streets feeding north and south from that segment of Palm Street:  Almond Alley, Ewing, Highview, Raymond, Pentagon off Raymond, Emerson, and the Poppyfields cul-de-sac off Emerson.

Please click here to view our "Hello Neighbor" flyer; this pdf file contains a brief introduction to PSARA, including who we are, our history and background, our current areas of focus, and our ongoing activities.

As a neighborhood association, we are a group of residents who desire to retain the character and the safety of our quiet and peaceful residential neighborhood, and assist our fellow neighbors.  We meet regularly, seeking solutions to neighborhood issues that affect any one of us, remembering that "injury to one is injury to all". 

Ours is a  unique neighborhood within Altadena, with nearly 150 homes that depend solely upon one single street segment, Palm Street between Marengo and Fair Oaks, for access to and from our homes.  Palm Street issues, therefore, also have a direct impact upon PSARA residents on Raymond, Pentagon, Highview and Ewing.
We have worked closely with the Altadena Town Council from 2008 through 2012 to successfully address the following important neighborhood concern:

No School on Palm


Happy Holidays from PSARA
Call To Action:
If you are interested in helping your Palm Street Area neighborhood in maintaining its current peaceful and tranquil character, please send e-mail to
info@AltadenaPSARA.org, and include your name and your street address, so that we at PSARA may contact you, to keep you up-to-date on our areas of focus, and to discuss various ways in which you can help.  Thanks!


PSARA participates in the Altadena Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (ACONA), whose website can be found here.



PSARA is included within "AltadenAlert", the Altadena Sheriff's Station interactive Altadena Neighborhood Watch & Association Map, which can be found here

For additional information about PSARA, please send e-mail to